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Q101. Which of the following provides two-factor authentication?

A. Bank card and PIN.

B. Username and password.

C. Fingerprint and iris scan.

D. Key and proximity badge.

Answer: A

Q102. A datacenter is in a geologically active area and has no earthquake abatement installed.Which of thefollowingdrive typesisBEST for general server use?

A. Solid state drives

B. High RPM drives

C. Low RPM drives

D. USB drives

Answer: A

Q103. While performing routine testing of a hot standby site located at a remote hosting center, a system administrator is unable to access one of the server operating systems to verify functionality. Which of the following is MOST applicable to access the host?

A. KVM over IP

B. RDP over HTTP

C. Secure shell

D. Serial console access


Answer: A

Q104. A technician is installing a 2U rack mount server. The necessary rack space height to accommodate the server is:

A. 2.5 inches (.064 meter).

B. 3.0 inches (.076 meter).

C. 3.5 inches (.089 meter).

D. 4.0 inches (.10 meter).

Answer: C

Q105. A server technician has been tasked with purchasing cables and connectors for a new server room. The server room consists of one switch, two servers, and one IP telephone. Which of the following types of cables and connectors should the technician purchase?

A. Coaxial cable and BNC connectors

B. Straight through Ethernet cable and RJ-45 connectors

C. Silver satin and RJ-11 connectors

D. Crossover Ethernet cable and RJ-11 connectors

Answer: B

Q106. A system administrator needs to rebuild a server by booting to the OS DVD. The server powers up but attempts to boot from the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely source of the problem?

A. Incorrect media type

B. Driver failure

C. Incorrect mount point

D. Memory failure

Answer: A

Q107. A technician troubleshootinga mail serverdeterminesthat theserver is low on available hard drive space and needs an additional hard drive installed. The server will need to be offline for the hardware installation. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician do NEXT?

A. Notify impacted users of the scheduled maintenance.

B. Implement one change at a time.

C. Collect additional information.

D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

Answer: A

Q108. A technician has finished installing the operating system on a new server and needs to provide IP addressing information. The server will be connected to the DMZ network. Devices on thenetwork use a default gateway address of Which of the following is a valid IP address for a server in the DMZ network?





Answer: B

Q109. A new file server is added to an existing network. Some users are able to connect to this server, while others are not. A partial network configuration on the server shows the following:

Link local: fe80::3000:aff:dea6:f8c/64

Which of the following BEST explains why some users cannot connect to the server?

A. The users' workstations are configured to use DHCP.

B. The users' workstations do not support IPv6.

C. The users' workstations are not on the same network as the server.

D. The user's workstations are configured with an incorrect subnet mask.

Answer: B

Q110. A server technician needs to connect two servers with gigabit NICs without MDI-X in order to transfer files between them and is unable to locate a switch with gigabit ports. Which of the following types of cables would allow the technician to connect the servers to obtain the FASTEST transfer rate possible?

A. Rollover cables

B. CAT6 crossover cables

C. CAT6 straight-through cables

D. CAT5 straight-through cables

Answer: B

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