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SK0-004 practice exam(121 to 130) for IT learners: Sep 2017 Edition

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Q121. A hardware compatibility list recommends striping with double parity as storage for an application. In a test environment, a technician realizes that a different RAID level can be used to compensate for a limited number of available disks. Which of the following is the closest RAID level the technician should deploy while minimizing the number of disks and maintaining fault tolerance?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 5

D. 10

Answer: C

Q122. A system administrator is troubleshooting a network connectivity issue and runs ipconfig/all on the host. The command returns the following:

IPv4 Address:

Subnet mask:

The client is configured for DHCP. Which of the following commands should be run on the client to resolve this issue? (Select TWO).

A. ipconfig/release

B. tracert

C. ipconfig/flushdns

D. ipconfig/renew

E. ipconfig/showclassid

F. nslookup

Answer: A,D

Q123. A server unexpectedly shut down as a result of overheating. An alert was sent to the administrator's email address but the administrator was away from the workstation when the alert arrived. Which of the following would have been a more effective method for sending the alert notification?

A. Broadcast messages

B. SMS messages

C. Telephone calls

D. Console notifications

Answer: B

Q124. A technician needs to install six blade servers. Which of the following MUST a technician install along with theblades?

A. Blade rail kits

B. Blade shelves

C. Blade enclosure

D. Blade station

Answer: C

Q125. Which of the following is the MOST energy efficient way of powering equipment within a datacenter with a large UPS battery bank?

A. 48V DC

B. 120V single-phase

C. 240VAC 3-phase

D. 480V 3-phase

Answer: A

Q126. A system technician is asked to create a test environment that will consist of 45 computers and a file server. Which of the following types of servers is BEST suited for IP management in the lab network?

A. Domain Name Service

B. Window Internet Naming Services

C. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

D. Routing and Remote Access

Answer: C

Q127. An ISPiscurrently drafting and compiling a Service Level Agreementthat states there should only be 5.26 minutes of downtime per year, 25.9 secondsper month, and 6.05 secondsper week. Which of the following percentages should be used to meet these metrics?

A. 99.9%

B. 99.99%

C. 99.999%

D. 99.9999%

Answer: C

Q128. A system administrator is asked to set up several physical file serversthat have recently crashed due to apower failure. Which of the following documents should the administrator refer toin order to complete this task?

A. Server configuration documentation

B. Network diagram

C. Asset management documentation

D. Dataflow diagram

Answer: A

Q129. A blade server indicates it has a failed hard disk in Slot 0. This is the third instance of Slot 0 disk failure in three months. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the failed hard disk in Slot 0?

A. Host bus adapter

B. Backplane

C. Network interface card

D. Central Processing Unit

Answer: B

Q130. A technician is tasked with connecting a server to a NAS. Which of the following connection types should be used?


B. Ethernet

C. Fiber Fabric

D. Multiplexer

Answer: B

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