IBM C2010-530 ExamIBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6 Infrastructure and Implementation

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New IBM C2010-530 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Maximo Application Servers (JVMs) are showing poor performance and crashing due to 'out of memoryu2019 errors.

How would you diagnose the situation?

A. increase heap memory

B. enable application server logging

C. set maximo root logger to INFO level

D. enable verbose garbage collection (GC)

Answer: D

New Questions 4

A company is creating a new Workflow process and wishes to allow users to pick from many options at a certain step in the process.

Which Workflow Node would accomplish this?

A. Task Node

B. Condition Node

C. Interaction Node

D. Manual Input Node

Answer: A

New Questions 5

A Maximo database administrator has imported too many database connections being idle and eventually causing the database to run out of connection resources. The administrator wants to detect and release stale database connections.

Which set of properties must be configured?

A. mxe.db.url, mxe.db.user, mxe.db.password

B. mxe.mbocount, mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit, mxe.db.fetchResurltLogLimit

C. mxe.db.closelongruncoon, mxe.db.longruntimelimit, mxe.db.detectlongrunconninterval

D. mxe.db.initialConnections, mxe.db.minFreeConnections, mxe.db.maxFreeConnections

Answer: A

New Questions 6

The administrator at a company is required to configure Maximo silently using the reconfigurePae tool.

When running this tool which flags are used to define the application server and database middleware components? (Choose two.)

A. -database

B. -dbvendor

C. -j2eevendor

D. -databasetype

E. -applicationserver

Answer: AB

New Questions 7

A company's DBA configured a database for Maximo using the default values from the Maximo Installation Guide. The Maximo administrator wishes to confirm the successful creation of the database and tablespaces.

How can this be achieved?

A. Run the Validate_Middleware utility and select only 'Database'.

B. Run the Validate_Middleware utility and select 'Database' and Tablespaces'.

C. Use SQL to check for existence of database mxedb and tablespaces MAXDATA, MAXTEMP and MAXIND.

D. Use SQL to check for existence of database maxdb76 and tablespaces MAXDATA, MAXTEMP and MAXINDEX.

Answer: A

New Questions 8

A user is a member of four Non-Independent security groups which have different purchase Order limits set for sites within the same organization.

Security Group 1 Site = Bedfont Purchase order limit = $1000

Security Group 2 Site = Bedfont, Southbank Purchase order limit = S15000 Security Group 3 Site = Portsmouth Purchase order limit = $20000 Security Group 4 Site = Farnham Purchase order limit = S3000

What will the purchase order limit be for the user when working with the Farnham site?

A. $1000

B. $3000

C. $15000

D. $20000

Answer: B

New Questions 9

A global company has five geographical organizations and each organization must manage a unique list of vendors, manufacturer couriers.

What must be configured to meet these requirements?

A. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag selected.

B. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag unselected.

C. The creation of an asset record that identifies all vendors, and manufacturers which automatically

creates a storeroom type location to track the asset.

D. The creation of an item master record that identifies all vendors, manufacturers and couriers which automatically creates a storeroom type location to track the item.

Answer: D

New Questions 10

A deployment specialist is required to add additional languages to Maximo using Tivoli's process automation suite configuration tool. Before starting, the specialist reviews the database configuration to ensure the correct character set for multilingual support is defined.

What are the supported sets? (Choose two.)

A. UTF-8

B. UCS-2

C. UTF-16

D. UCS-16

E. ISO 8559

Answer: AC

New Questions 11

An administrator wants to review integration messages that are flagged with an error. These messages came from an external system and failed to import into Maximo.

Which application is used to manage these messages?

A. Integration -> Message Extract

B. Integration -> Message Tracking

C. Integration -> Message Reprocessing

D. System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Error Extract

Answer: C

New Questions 12

A company needs to change a report design file to reflect new business requirements. The report administrator updates the BIRT file accordingly.

What process must be utilized to deploy it in Maximo?

A. Application Importing

B. Report Administration Importing

C. Rebuild Maximo EAR and deploy

D. Apply Configuration Changes in Database Administration

Answer: B

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