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2016 Nov security fundamentals exam 98-367 pdf:

Q91. Mark works as a Security Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a a Windows-based network. Mark has gone through a security audit for ensuring that the technical system is secure and protected. While this audit, he identified many areas that need improvement. He wants to minimize the risk for potential security threats by educating team members in the area of social engineering, and providing basic security principle knowledge while stressing the Con?dentiality, Integrity, and Availability triangle in the training of his team members . Which of the following ways will Mark use for educating his team members on the social engineering process? 

A. He will call a team member while behaving to be someone else for gaining access to sensitive information. 

B. He will use group policies to disable the use of floppy drives or USB drives. 

C. He will develop a social awareness of security threats within an organization. 

D. He will protect against a Distributed Denial of Services attack. 


Q92. You work as an Exchange Administrator for TechWorld Inc. The company has a Windows 2008 Active Directory-based network. The network contains an Exchange Server 2010 organization. You are in the process of choosing an authentication method for Exchange ActiveSync. You need an authentication method that requires both, a password and an external device. Which of the following authentication methods will you choose for Exchange ActiveSync? 

A. Device-based authentication 

B. Basic authentication 

C. Certificate-based authentication 

D. Token-based authentication 


Q93. Mark works as a Network Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark wants to implement a method to ensure that the mobile devices are in a good state of security health when they are trying to access the corporate network. Which of the following is a control or strategy that Mark will implement to assure the security health?

A. TCP/IP protocol

B. Kerberos

C. Single Sign On

D. Network Access Protection

Answer: D

Q94. Which of the following is used to protect all files stored on the drive on which Windows is installed? 

A. SocketShield 

B. Firewall 

C. Bitlocker 

D. Hardware keylogger 


Q95. You are responsible for virus protection for a large college campus. You are very concerned that your antivirus solution must be able to capture the latest virus threats. What sort of virus protection should you implement? 

A. Network Based 

B. Host based 

C. Dictionary 

D. Heuristic 


Latest mta 98-367:

Q96. Which of the following functions are performed by a firewall? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. It blocks unwanted traffic. 

B. It hides vulnerable computers that are exposed to the Internet. 

C. It enhances security through various methods, including packet filtering, circuit-level filtering, and application filtering. 

D. It logs traffic to and from the private network. 

Answer: ABCD 

Q97. In which of the following is the file audit events are written when auditing is enabled? 

A. File system ACL 

B. Biometric device 

C. Network Access Control List 

D. Security event log 


Q98. Which of the following helps prevent security failures? 

A. Social engineering 

B. Denial-of-Service attack 

C. Attack surface reduction 

D. Snooping 


Q99. Mark works as a Systems Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. The company is adding an open, high-speed, wireless access for their customers and secured wireless for employees at all 37 branches. He wants to check the various security concerns for ensuring that business traffic is secured. He is also under pressure to make this new feature a winning strategy for a company. 

In which of the following ways can Mark add another level of security after implanting encryption techniques for the business wireless traffic? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Hide the Service Set Identifier (SSID) 

B. Configure the network to use only Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) 

C. Implement access point isolation and 

D. Use MAC filtering 

Answer: AC 

Q100. Which of the following protects against unauthorized access to confidential information via encryption and works at the network layer?

A. Firewall


C. IPSec 

D. MAC address 


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