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2016 Jul 646-985 data center networking solution sales:

Q1. You are a help desk trainee for A potential customer casts a challenge to you, "Networks are only plumbing--I focus on the servers", which of the following would be the best response to the customer ?

A. OK. Let me know when you are ready to connect to the network, so so we will talk about it later.

B. The network isn't just pipes anymore; it is a platform for the delivery of application services like intelligent load balancing, protocol optimization, and virtualization.

C. Cisco is working with VMware and will shortly be rebadging virtual servers that will work seamlessly with Cisco's network solutions.

D. Servers will soon only be platforms embedded in the network, so we need to talk now about the future.

Answer: B

Q2. You are the senior desktop administrator for The manager of the company is concerning that embedding service modules in the network might create a single point of failure in the company system. Then how can you make the manager clearly understand how Cisco network services can handle this situation?

A. By explaining that Cisco service modules are mounted in highly resilient director-class switches and can be duplicated for seamless failover in the event of a problem

B. By promoting Cisco on-site service support, which means that an on-site spare is held for instant swap out

C. By accepting the point but demonstrating how the benefits far outweigh any potential problem

D. By pointing out that switches in networks already create the potential for a single point of failure, but that these are still widely used without being seen as a significant risk

Answer: A

Q3. You work as a Cisco engineer at The company has numbers of suboffices throughout the world, each handling its own business. The Legal department is worried about keeping regulatory compliance at all sites. Which of the following would be your main focus on as a solution strategy?

A. Virtualization and provisioning

B. Consolidation and application optimization

C. Wide-area connectivity optimization

D. Server-free backup and storage virtualization

Answer: B

Q4. What are two software-based attacks that disable individual workstations and typically spread from user to user by e-mail? (Choose two.)

A. Virus

B. Worm

C. Trojan

D. Executable

Answer: AB

Q5. Which product greatly improves server efficiency through both highly flexible traffic management and offloading CPU-intensive tasks? Select the best response.

A. Cisco Application Control Engine Module

B. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module

C. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module

D. Cisco Storage Services Module

Answer: A

Q6. Which feature is a feature of Cisco WAAS? Select the best response.

A. firewall security

B. TCP optimization

C. Ethernet optimization

D. server load balancing

Answer: B

Q7. What are blade switches? Select the best response.

A. end-of-row switches

B. top-of-rack switches

C. modules that fit into MDS switches

D. modules that fit into blade server chassis

Answer: D

Q8. Where would you find a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch in the data center architecture? Select the best response.

A. at the access layer

B. at the aggregation layer

C. at the access layer or the core layer

D. at the core layer or the aggregation layer

Answer: D

646-985 test questions

Updated cisco data center networking sales specialist (646-985):

Q9. The employees of an organization meet regularly in conference rooms for project updates and presentations. What need of this organization can be met by a wireless solution?

A. Ensuring secure presentations

B. Augmenting an existing network

C. Providing a temporary network need

D. Having freedom of movement within a network range

Answer: D

Q10. Which statement about full-width blades is true? Select the best response.

A. Up to eight full-width blades may fit into a single Cisco UCS 5100 enclosure.

B. Full-width blades feature a pair of Intel Xenon processors.

C. Full-width blades feature four times as many dual-port adapters as half-width blades.

D. Full-width blades feature four times as many DIMM slots as half-width blades.

Answer: D

Q11. Which key decision maker is most likely to be interested in how the Cisco solution will impact utilization, CapEx, OpEx, and TCO? Select the best response.

A. server administration team

B. director of IT

C. storage architect and administration team

D. network operations team

Answer: B

Q12. You work as a Cisco data center sales professional at, and you are negotiating with with a corporate manager, which of the following statements would be your best saying?

A. Network-embedded intelligence means that functions can be swiftly deployed and redeployed across the data center.

B. The network is the foundation of the twenty-first-century data center, so Cisco should be a prime architectural resource for designing all aspects of the data center.

C. A single network spanning multiple protocols, using Ethernet as a backbone, is the basis of the next-generation data center.

D. Network-based intelligence can be shared across all connected applications and devices and can deliver tens of gigabytes of throughput along with submillisecond latencies.

Answer: A

Q13. What is meant by data center virtualization? Select the best response.

A. the use of a unified fabric to greatly reduce the amount of cable runs

B. the deployment of devices that can operate as top-of-rack and end-of-row devices at the same time

C. the consolidation of physical resources and deployment as logical devices

D. the replacement of physical hardware with virtual machines

Answer: C

Q14. You are interested in lowering your total cost of ownership for your small-scale SAN and data center edge applications. Which device would be the best to use in this scenario? Select the best response.

A. Cisco Nexus 1000V

B. Cisco MDS 9124

C. Cisco GSS 4492

D. Cisco Catalyst 6500

Answer: B

Q15. Which tool provides a complete guide that makes it easier for partners, regardless of their experience level, to sell Cisco Unified Communications solutions to their customers?

A. Solution Expert

B. Quote Builder

C. Sales Accelerator

D. Competitive Edge

E. Cisco Discovery

Answer: C

Q16. You work as a Cisco data center sales professional at, and you are negotiating with with a technical manager, which of the following statements would be your best saying?

A. Cisco's networking expertise places it in a prime position to deliver virtual servers from within embedded network platforms running VMware.

B. Cisco's financial position is reflected in its stock market position and shareholder value.

C. Network-embedded devices can be logically divided to allow different security policies to be implemented to meet different requirements, while maintaining a single point of monitoring, management, and control.

D. Cisco's end-to-end strategy for the data center means that it can provide consultancy and support for servers, and provide storage as well as networks.

Answer: C

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