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2016 Apr 646-363 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which three business requirements development activities are performed in the prepare phase before creating a technology strategy? (Choose three.)

A. Identifying and assessing customer business requirements

B. Documenting and categorizing customer business requirements in terms of performance, availability, capacity, and security

C. Producing a documented technology strategy

D. Creating a bill of materials

E. Presenting documented business requirements to a customer and having the customer validate them

F. completing a site survey

Answer: ABE

Q2. Cisco___can handle IP telephony and e-business applications concurrently

A. Catalyst switches

B. SOHO routers

C. 7000 Series WAN edge routers

D. Integrated Services Routers

Answer: D

Q3. In which two ways does an integrated security solution reduce TCO? (Choose two.)

A. By enabling businesses to leverage investments in the network

B. By spending less time addressing attacks

C. By enforcing policy compliance

D. Through admission control

Answer: AD

Q4. offers account managers which three of these resources? (Choose three.)

A. Customer issue narratives

B. Training and events

C. Ordering information

D. Products and services information

Answer: BCD

Q5. Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business, a critical part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, is a unified communications solution for small businesses that provides voice, data, voicemail. For which technology the Cisco UC520 provides integrated WLAN connectivity to mobile clients?

A. Voice only

B. Data only

C. Data and voice

D. None of above

Answer: C

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Down to date 646-363 simulations:

Q6. A network evolves from connectivity to an intelligent network. Which two best explain what influences the move toward network integration? (Choose two.)

A. Need for advanced service and support

B. Need for more rapid response times

C. Need for a flexible network infrastructure

D. Need for a less complex network infrastructure

Answer: CD

Q7. Choose the most accurate statement regarding the account qualification and planning service component in the prepare phase.

A. Providing a partner with information regarding customer acceptance of a new solution

B. Providing information regarding current network infrastructure readiness

C. Using stakeholder interviews to identify stakeholders and decision-makers, high-level solution

D. Requirements, timelines, and the scope of an opportunity

E. Adjusting a solution to account for a customer's physical site characteristics

Answer: C

Q8. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches deliver best-in-class networking that is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses with up to 250 employees. This family of Layer 2- managed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches offers non-blocking, wire-speed performance and provides a secure network foundation optimized for data, wireless, and IP Communications. The Cisco Catalyst Express 500 also offers options for Power over Ethernet (PoE) to help reduce the cost and complexity of IP Communications and enable new uses for the Ethernet network. What are two features of the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series that would make it an attractive option to a growing business of up to 250 employees?

A. embedded security

B. enhanced image software

C. StackWise technology

D. GUI-based Cisco Network Assistant

Answer: AD

Q9. Which two series of Cisco Catalyst switches, when placed in the distribution layer, effectively pass high amounts of network traffic between the core and access layers while aggregating access switches? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Catalyst 2800

B. Cisco Catalyst 3550

C. Cisco Catalyst 3750

D. Cisco Catalyst 4500

E. Cisco Catalyst 6500

Answer: DE

Q10. Which service component within the prepare phase recommends the appropriate technology strategy to address a business requirement of the customer?

A. Identifying what a customer requires from a proposed solution

B. Analyzes the customer's business requirements and recommends the appropriate Cisco technologies to meet business requirements

C. Determining what end-user training a customer requires

D. Addressing a customer's physical requirements

Answer: B

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Free 646-363 questions pool:

Q11. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches are attractive to medium-size campuses with growth opportunities due to the switches' enhanced security and which two other features? (Choose two.)

A. Enhanced multilayer software image

B. Connectivity to multiple types of WAN connections

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

D. QoS for converged networks

E. Modular, customizable components

Answer: DE

Q12. When a business suffers a security breach, there can be serious ramifications. What is one of the immediate impacts that the business can suffer because of a security breach?

A. Loss of retail sales

B. Loss of customer faith

C. Disruption of business operations

D. Inability to deliver products or services

Answer: C

Q13. Businesses face three types of economic impacts as a result of hacks or intrusions: immediate, short-term, and long-term. Which two best describe short-term economic impacts that can be caused by a security breach? (Choose two.)

A. Loss of retail sales

B. Delays in receiving checks

C. Disruption of business operations

D. Loss of suppliers or customers

Answer: AB

Q14. Which of these is the best definition of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach?

A. It defines the minimum set of services required to successfully deploy and operate a set of Cisco technologies.

B. It determines how best to price Cisco products.

C. It provides partners with a useful way to leverage Cisco resources.

D. It consists of these phases: plan, deploy, support, and troubleshoot.

Answer: A

Q15. IP communications, wireless, and security work best as an integrated system within the network infrastructure. Which two statements best describe the benefits of an intelligent, integrated network? (Choose two.)

A. An intelligent, integrated network will make the top of the network infrastructure more efficient

B. An intelligent, integrated network will adapt to new technology without adding complexity.

C. An intelligent, integrated network will add an application-level approach

D. An intelligent, integrated network will help to manage the escalating costs of systems.

Answer: BD

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