Cisco 500-006 ExamImplementing Cisco TelePresence Video Solution - Part 2

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p4s 642-887 [Apr 2016]

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2016 Apr 500-006 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which Cisco TelePresence VCS function can you use to control the speed of a call within the same subzone? 

A. links 

B. pipes 

C. per-call bandwidth 

D. default bandwidth 

Answer: C 


VCS X8.1 


Q32. A Cisco 5310 MCU is being configured as an ad hoc conference bridge in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which two configuration steps must be completed for this to function correctly? (Choose two.) 

A. Install the Cisco Unified Communications Manager feature key on the MCU. 

B. Create a SIP trunk from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to the MCU. 

C. Enable Media Port Reservation on the MCU. 

D. Disable H.323 and enable SIP on the MCU. 

Answer: C,D 

Q33. Which two pieces of troubleshooting information does the Cisco TCS provide? (Choose two.) 

A. log messages that can be accessed by the site manager through the CLI 

B. recording alias processing progress 

C. error logs that only Cisco TAC can access 

D. log messages that can be accessed by the site manager through the web interface 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: min.html#pgfId-1149050 

Server Logs To view the Content Seiver logs, go to Diagnostics > Server logs The logs from the Content Engine are displayed by default To view other logs, select a log type list. To view a log, dick the log file name. In the dialog box that appears, open or save the file. The list of log files might consist of more than one page. Click on a page number to display additional logs. To delete a log.Checkthe box next to the file name. Then click Delete selected. The current log is displayed at the top of the list Except for Content Library logs, the current log cannot be deleted. You can also access logs from the E:\logs directory on the Content Server Service event logs for the Content Engine. Transcode Engine, and Helper services can Windows Event Viewer when you Remote Desktop to the Content Server. These events show service starting and stopping information. 

Q34. On which three operating systems can you install Cisco TMS? (Choose three.) 

A. Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later, 32-bit 

B. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 


D. Windows Server 2008 SP2 or later, Standard 32-bit and 64-bit 

E. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later, Standard 64-bit 

F. Windows Server 2003 R2 

G. Solaris 

H. CentOS 

Answer: A,D,E 



Version compatibility 

The following Windows versions are compatible with Cisco TMS: 

Windows 2003 Server Standard/Enterprise/DataCenter Editions w/SP1 or greater (latest Service Pack recommended) 

Windows 2003 R2 Standard/Enterpnse/DataCenter Editions w/SP1 or greater (latest Service Pack recommended) 

Windows 2008 R1 or R2 Standard 32bit and 64brt Editions (latest Service Pack recommended) 

Q35. A Cisco VCS has a search rule that uses the pattern string of ([78]\d1\d+|Meet\..*). Which three dial strings will match the search rule? (Choose three.) 

A. meet.richard 

B. 7881000 

C. Meet.Richard 

D. 8881888 

E. 781 


G. 881000 

Answer: A,C,G 

500-006 exam answers

Up to the immediate present 642-887 spcore study guide:

Q36. You are having trouble upgrading the Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec system using the web interface. How else might you attempt the upgrade? 

A. Use the API command interface. 

B. Use the HTTP or HTTPS Interface. 

C. Use the menus and a USB drive. 

D. Use the remote ISDN connection. 

Answer: B 



Q37. Which Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec command will move the on-screen display to monitor output 4? 

A. configuration video osd output: 4 

B. xconfiguration video osd output: 4 

C. command video osd output: 4 

D. xcommand video osd output: 4 

Answer: B 


TC 7.2 Admin Guide 

Video OSD Output 

Define on which monitor the on-screen menus, information and icons should be displayed-The OSD (On Screen Display) is where you find trig menus, dialogs, icons and indicators, and the navigation is done with a remote control. 

Requires user role: ADMIN 

Value space: <Auto/1/2/3/4> 

Q38. Which three methods can an engineer use to upgrade the software on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? (Choose three.) 

A. web interface 


C. flash drive 


E. serial interface 

F. RMA the unit 

G. Telnet 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q39. If provisioning replication fails for any reason, what should be done to determine the cause of the failure? 

A. Re-install the Cisco Jabber Video client and try again. 

B. Run all diagnostic tests on the TMS PE Diagnostics page. 

C. Capture Cisco TelePresence Jabber Video logs and find the problem. 

D. Run a Wireshark trace on the communication between the Cisco Jabber Video client and the Cisco VCS. 

Answer: B 

Q40. How many peer relationships are required to implement a hierarchical dial plan for a network of 6 regional VCS controls? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 6 

D. 15 

Answer: C 

500-006 exam

Free cisco 642-887 pdf:

Q41. What type of DNS record is required for URI dialing? 

A. MX record 

B. SIP record 

C. SRV record 

D. HTTP record 

Answer: C 

Q42. What do you need to do in order to prevent browsers from generating warnings about certificates when they access the Cisco TelePresence VCS? 

A. Install a certificate from a trusted certificate authority. 

B. Install a certificate from the TAC. 

C. Disable certificates on the Cisco TelePresence VCS. 

D. Disable the CPL scripts from running to check security. 

Answer: A 

Q43. What software can you use to customize the banner on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? 

A. SSH terminal client 

B. Web browser 

C. WinSCP client 

D. Customization software 

Answer: B 

Q44. Which persistent setting other than system name, E.164 alias, and H.323 ID is configurable for a personal video system? 


B. MAC address 

C. serial number 

D. IP address 

Answer: A 


There are four persistent settings: 

System Name 


E.164 alias 


Q45. What is the purpose of the ISDN and the IP zones in Cisco TMS? 

A. To configure the neighboring of gatekeepers 

B. To configure subzones, links, and pipes in gatekeepers 

C. To display systems correctly in the map mode 

D. To perform call routing 

Answer: D 


IP and ISDN zones are administratively defined concepts used to let Cisco TMS know which network a system is connected to. This feature ensures that users do not have to work out themselves whether calls are possible, which digits must be added for prefixes or telephone codes, or which network protocol to use. 

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