Cisco 300-207 ExamSITCS Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS)

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2017 Apr 300-207 pdf exam

Q71. In which way are packets handled when the IPS internal zone is set to "disabled"? 

A. All packets are dropped to the external zone. 

B. All packets are dropped to the internal zone. 

C. All packets are ignored in the internal zone. 

D. All packets are sent to the default external zone. 


Q72. Which two conditions must you configure in an event action rule to match all IPv4 addresses in the victim range and filter on the complete subsignature range? (Choose two.) 

A. Disable event action override. 

B. Leave the victim address range unspecified. 

C. Set the subsignature ID-range to the default. 

D. Set the deny action percentage to 100. 

E. Set the deny action percentage to 0. 

Answer: B,C 

Q73. During initial configuration, the Cisco ASA can be configured to drop all traffic if the ASA CX SSP fails by using which command in a policy-map? 

A. cxsc fail 

B. cxsc fail-close 

C. cxsc fail-open 

D. cxssp fail-close 


Q74. Within Cisco IPS anomaly detection, what is the default IP range of the external zone? 


B. - 


D. the network of the management interface 


Q75. A network engineer can assign IPS event action overrides to virtual sensors and configure 

which three modes? (Choose three.) 

A. Anomaly detection operational mode 

B. Inline TCP session tracking mode 

C. Normalizer mode 

D. Load-balancing mode 

E. Inline and Promiscuous mixed mode 

F. Fail-open and fail-close mode 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q76. What is the default CX Management 0/0 IP address on a Cisco ASA 5512-X appliance? 








Q77. Which command can change the HTTPS SSL method on the Cisco ESA? 

A. sslconfig 

B. strictssl 

C. sshconfig 

D. adminaccessconfig 


Q78. A Cisco Web Security Appliance's policy can provide visibility and control of which two elements? (Choose two.) 

A. Voice and Video Applications 

B. Websites with a reputation between -100 and -60 

C. Secure websites with certificates signed under an unknown CA 

D. High bandwidth websites during business hours 

Answer: C,D 

Q79. What can you use to access the Cisco IPS secure command and control channel to make configuration changes? 


B. the management interface 

C. an HTTP server 

D. Telnet 


Q80. What is the authentication method for an encryption envelope that is set to medium security? 

A. The recipient must always enter a password, even if credentials are cached. 

B. A password is required, but cached credentials are permitted. 

C. The recipient must acknowledge the sensitivity of the message before it opens. 

D. The recipient can open the message without authentication. 


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