Cisco 300-207 ExamSITCS Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS)

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2016 May 300-207 Study Guide Questions:

Q49. What are two features of the Cisco ASA NGFW? (Choose two.) 

A. It can restrict access based on qualitative analysis. 

B. It can restrict access based on reputation. 

C. It can reactively protect against Internet threats. 

D. It can proactively protect against Internet threats. 

Answer: B,D 

Q50. Which Cisco technology provides spam filtering and email protection? 




D. CX 

Answer: B 

Q51. Which configuration mode enables a virtual sensor to monitor the session state for unidirectional traffic? 

A. asymmetric mode 

B. symmetric mode 

C. loose mode 

D. strict mode 

Answer: A 

Q52. Which two GUI options display users' activity in Cisco Web Security Appliance?.(Choose two.) 

A. Web Security Manager Identity Identity Name 

B. Security Services Reporting 

C. Reporting Users 

D. Reporting Reports by User Location 

Answer: C,D 

Q53. Which command allows the administrator to access the Cisco WSA on a secure channel on 

port 8443? 

A. strictssl 

B. adminaccessconfig 

C. ssl 

D. ssh 

Answer: A 

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Q54. Which three options are IPS signature classifications? (Choose three.) 

A. tuned signatures 

B. response signatures 

C. default signatures 

D. custom signatures 

E. preloaded signatures 

F. designated signatures 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q55. Which two Cisco IPS events will generate an IP log? (Choose two.) 

A. A signature had an event action that was configured with log packets. 

B. A statically configured IP or IP network criterion was matched. 

C. A dynamically configured IP address or IP network was matched. 

D. An attack produced a response action. 

Answer: A,B 

Q56. Which two statements about devices within a Cisco ESA cluster are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Clustered systems must consist of devices in the same hardware series. 

B. Clustered devices can communicate via either SSH or Cluster Communication Service. 

C. Clustered devices can communicate only with Cluster Communication Service. 

D. In-the-cloud devices must be in a separate cluster from on-premise devices. 

E. Clustered devices can run different versions of AsyncOS. 

Answer: A,B 

Q57. Which Cisco WSA is intended for deployment in organizations of more than 6000 users? 

A. WSA S370 

B. WSA S670 

C. WSA S370-2RU 

D. WSA S170 

Answer: B 

Q58. Which centralized reporting function of the Cisco Content Security Management Appliance 

aggregates data from multiple Cisco ESA devices? 

A. message tracking 

B. web tracking 

C. system tracking 

D. logging 

Answer: A 

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Q59. A system administrator wants to know if the email traffic from a remote partner will activate special treatment message filters that are created just for them. Which tool on the Cisco Email Security gateway can you use to debug or emulate the flow that a message takes through the work queue? 

A. the message tracker interface 

B. centralized or local message tracking 

C. the CLI.findevent command 

D. the trace tool 

E. the CLI.grep command 

Answer: D 

Q60. What Event Action in an IPS signature is used to stop an attacker from communicating with a network using an access-list? 

A. Request Block Host 

B. Deny Attacker Inline 

C. Deny Connection Inline 

D. Deny Packet Inline 

E. Request Block Connection 

Answer: A 

Q61. Which two commands are used to verify that CWS redirection is working on a Cisco ASA appliance? (Choose two.) 

A. show scansafe statistics 

B. show webvpn statistics 

C. show service-policy inspect scansafe 

D. show running-config scansafe 

E. show running-config webvpn 

F. show url-server statistics 

Answer: A,C 

Q62. Joe was asked to secure access to the Cisco Web Security Appliance to prevent unauthorized access. Which four steps should Joe implement to accomplish this goal? (Choose four.) 

A. Implement IP access lists to limit access to the management IP address in the Cisco Web Security Appliance GUI. 

B. Add the Cisco Web Security Appliance IP address to the local access list. 

C. Enable HTTPS access via the GUI/CLI with redirection from HTTP. 

D. Replace the Cisco self-signed certificate with a publicly signed certificate. 

E. Put the Cisco WSA Management interface on a private management VLAN. 

F. Change the netmask on the Cisco WSA Management interface to a 32-bit mask. 

G. Create an MX record for the Cisco Web Security Appliance in DNS. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q63. Which command disables SSH access for administrators on the Cisco ESA? 

A. interfaceconfig 

B. sshconfig 

C. sslconfig 

D. systemsetup 

Answer: A 

Q64. Which command is used to enable strong ciphers on the Cisco Web Security Appliance? 

A. interfaceconfig 

B. strictssl 

C. etherconfig 

D. adminaccessconfig 

Answer: B 

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