Cisco 300-101 ExamROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing

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route 300 101 (14 to 23)

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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 14 - Question 23)

Q1. When ospf is forming an adjacency, in which state, the actual exchange of information in the link


B. loading

C. exstart

D. exchange

Answer: B

Q2. Which command do you enter to display log messages with a timestamp that includes the length of time since the device was last rebooted?

A. service timestamps log uptime

B. logging facility 20

C. service timestamps debugging localtime msec

D. logging console errors

E. logging monitor 7

F. service timestamps log datetime msec

Answer: A

Q3. How does an EVN provide end-to-end virtualization and separation of data traffic from multiple networks?

A. It tags traffic with an 802.1q tag at the edge interface.

B. it tags traffic with an 802.1q tag at trunk interface.

C. it tags traffic with a virtual network tag at the trunk interface.

D. it tags traffic with a virtual network tag at the edge interface

Answer: C

Q4. Which OSPF area prevent LSA type 4, LSA type 5? (Choose two)

A. Stub Area

B. Totally Stubby Area

C. Not-So-Stubby Area

D. Totally Not-So-Stubby Area

Answer: B,D

Explanation: Source :

Topic 7, Mix Questions

243.Which two statements about PAP and CHAP authentication are true? (Choose two)

A. PAP uses a challenge string from the server to the client.

B. PAP can query a TACACS+ server to verify access credentials.

C. CHAP requires the client to supply a username and optional password.

D. PAP requires the client to supply a username and optional password.

E. CHAP uses a challenge string from the server to the client.

Q5. The OSPF database of a router shows LSA types 1, 2, 3, and 7 only. Which type of area is this router connected to?

A. stub area

B. totally stubby area

C. backbone area

D. not-so-stubby area

Answer: D

Q6. Using the rules for IPv6 addressing, how can the address 2031:0000:240F:0000:0000:09C0:123A:121B be rewritten?

A. 2031:0:240F::09C0:123A:121B

B. 2031::240F::09C0:123A:121B

C. 2031::240F:9C0::123A:121B

D. 2031::240F:::09C0:123A:121B

Answer: A


Leading zeros can be truncated. For example u201c0000 can be be just written as empty. In the above example :: indicates that it has multiple 0s in that location. Typically the IPv6 format can be written down in three ways 1) compressed, 2) uncompressed and 3) fully uncompressed as shown below. All of the following are the same:

Q7. A network engineer is troubleshooting connectivity issues with a directly connected RIPng neighbor. Which command should directly connected RIPng neighbor adjacencies only?

A. router#show ipv6 rip next-hops

B. router#show ip rip neighbors

C. router#show ipv6 routers

D. router#show ipv6 rip database

Answer: A

Q8. Which statement about the NPTv6 protocol is true?

A. It is used to translate IPv4 prefixes to IPv6 prefixes.

B. It is used to translate an IPv6 address prefix to another IPv6 prefix.

C. It is used to translate IPv6 prefixes to IPv4 subnets with appropriate masks.

D. It is used to translate IPv4 addresses to IPv6 link-local addresses.

Answer: B

Q9. Which two addresses types are included in NAT?

A. inside global

B. global outside

C. outside internet

D. inside internet

E. outside local

Answer: A,E

Q10. Which two functionalities are specific to stateless NAT64? (Choose two.)

A. No requirement exists for the characteristics of Ipv6 address assignment.

B. It does not conserve Ipv4 addresses.

C. It provides 1-to-1 translation.

D. It uses address overloading.

E. State or bindings are created on the translation.

Answer: B,C

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