Citrix 1Y0-311 ExamCitrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR Advanced Administration

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Precise 1Y0-311 Exam Questions and Answers 2019

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Which Provisioning Services infrastructure component must a Citrix Engineer configure first during the initial deployment?

  • A. Site
  • B. Farm
  • C. Device collection
  • D. Store

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer needs to prevent users from rapidly clicking an application icon and launching multiple sessions of the same published application.
Which three methods should the engineer use to configure the multi-launch timeout setting? (Choose three.) A. Group Policy Object- Remote Desktop Session Host settings

  • A. web.config file on StoreFront server
  • B. PowerShell- Citrix snap-in commands
  • C. StoreFront console- Client Interface Settings
  • D. Citrix policy setting

Answer: BCD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineering maintains a multi-zone XenDesktop infrastructure with two Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines located in the Primary Zone and two VDAs in the Satellite Zone. Each zone contains a single Delivery Controller.
During an unexpected outage, the Delivery Controller in the Satellite Zone went offline and did NOT resume. What will happen to the two VDAs in the Satellite Zone?

  • A. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will make intermittent attempts to re-register with the Delivery Controller in the Satellite Zone and then attempt to register with the Delivery Controller in the Primary Zone.
  • B. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will go to an unregistered state and NOT attempt to re-register until the local Delivery Controller resumes and is online.
  • C. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will immediately attempt to register with the Delivery Controller in the Primary Zone.
  • D. Both VDAs in the Satellite Zone will remain in a registered state, even when the Delivery Controller is offlin

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has implemented a multi-zone environment with the following characteristics: -One Primary Zone in New York, one Satellite Zone in San Francisco and another in Singapore -Microsoft Excel Application available in all zones
-Singapore zone configured as the App Home for Microsoft Excel -San Francisco configured as the User Home for User1
User1 is currently located in the New York zone, and clicks the icon for Microsoft Excel in Receiver. User1 does NOT have any existing sessions in the environment.
Based on this scenario, a new session will be launched in . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

  • A. Singapore
  • B. San Francisco
  • C. The VDA with the lowest load index
  • D. New York

Answer: D

How does Fast Logoff in a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure optimize the logoff experience for users?

  • A. Improves roaming profile synchronization performance on logoff
  • B. Allows processes to continue running in the background while user sessions appear to log off quickly
  • C. Terminates hung application processes within 10 seconds of logging off
  • D. Notifies the Delivery Controllers that pooled desktops are ready for assignment on logoff

Answer: A

Which two components should a Citrix Engineer include in an operating system layer from a gold image? (Choose two.)

  • A. Microsoft office plug-ins
  • B. Printer settings
  • C. Application patches
  • D. Hypervisor tools
  • E. Anti-virus

Answer: CD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer recently implemented Workspace Environment Management (WEM) in an existing XenDesktop infrastructure to include deployment of Agent Host on several Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines. After beginning to configure various global settings for users, the engineer realized that all Agent Hosts should NOT share all the same settings, since each set of users requires different settings and policies for their sessions.
Which option should the engineer configure to provide different settings and policies for user sessions?

  • A. Use the existing single WEM Site to configure all required global settings and then configure each Agent Host to manage the different settings required for each user session.
  • B. Use the existing single WEM Site to configure all required global settings and allow the Site to manage the different settings required for each user session.
  • C. Create additional WEM Sites, then configure each Agent Host to manage the different settings required for each user session.
  • D. Create additional WEM Sites, set the required settings and policy configurations for each Site, then point each Agent Host to one of the Sites containing it needs to apply to user sessions.

Answer: B

Which three provisioning Services components can be located on the Provisioning Services server? (Choose three.)

  • A. Store
  • B. Provisioning Services Management console
  • C. DHCP, PXE and TFTP Services
  • D. Device collection
  • E. Target device

Answer: CDE

Scenario: All users connect from thin clients to a XenApp hosted desktop. Recently, the Order Entry team has been printing all documents in color. A session printers policy has been created and applied to this user group.
How can the XenApp Administrator ensure that these printers default to a setting of monochrome?

  • A. Modify the Printer Properties Retention Policy.
  • B. Change the universal driver preference policy to default to PCL4.
  • C. Modify the existing session printing policy with the required printer settings.
  • D. Adjust the Citrix Universal Printer default settings in the registry of the XenApp server

Answer: C

What occurs after a Provisioning Services target device downloads or otherwise accesses the bootstrap file?

  • A. Steady-state streaming
  • B. The login process
  • C. IP acquisition
  • D. Single-Read mode

Answer: D

Which three methods can a Citrix Engineer use to add target devices to a device collection? (Choose three.)

  • A. Manually add the target devices.
  • B. Add machines to a machine catalog.
  • C. Import them from a .CSV file.
  • D. Complete the Auto-Add wizard.
  • E. Create the target devices using a master templat

Answer: ACD

What is the default auto-launch behavior for published applications and desktops within a XenApp and XenDesktop environment?

  • A. If a single application is published to the user, it will launch automatically.
  • B. No published applications or desktops launch automatically.
  • C. If a single desktop is published to the user, it will launch automatically.
  • D. All published applications launch automatically.
  • E. All published desktops launch automatically.

Answer: C

What is the default priority order for selecting the preferred zone in a multi-zone XenApp and XenDesktop environment?

  • A. User Location; Application Home; User Home
  • B. User Home; Application Home; User Location
  • C. Application Home, User Home; User Location
  • D. User Location; User Home; Application Home
  • E. Application Home; User Location; User Home

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer needs to create a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Delegated Administrator account for a new member of the IT team who needs access to manage System Optimizations such as CPU, RAM, Process Management settings and view the entire console.
Which type of Delegated Administrator should the engineer create for the new member?

  • A. Full Access
  • B. Filters Manager
  • C. Advanced Settings Manager
  • D. System Utilities Manager

Answer: A

Which task should a Citrix Engineer perform before deleting an App Layer version?

  • A. Remove any user assignments to the App Layer version.
  • B. Merger all App Layer versions into the base App Layer.
  • C. Remove any interactive Elastic Layer assignments.
  • D. Create a snapshot of the base OS Laye

Answer: C

Which two database server permissions are required by the Streaming and SOAP Services during normal Provisioning Services operations, in addition to execute permissions on the stored procedures? (Choose two.)

  • A. db_securityadmin
  • B. db_datareader
  • C. db_datawriter
  • D. db_accessadmin
  • E. db_owner

Answer: BC

How can a Citrix Engineer add a network printer to Workspace Environment Management (WEM)?

  • A. Use the Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template to specify the network printer location.
  • B. Use the Import Network Print Server option to add the print server name, then connect to the network printer.
  • C. Configure an XML printer list to add the print server, then connect to the network printer.
  • D. Add the printer in the Control Panel portion of the environmental setting

Answer: B

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