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1D0-520 braindump(6 to 15) for IT engineers: Jul 2018 Edition

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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q1. Which of the following techniques helps stop a denial-of-service (DOS) attack in which an attacker has sent multiple ICMP or TCP packets to crash a Web server on the Internet?

A. Filtering traffic at the firewall

B. Changing passwords on a regular basis

C. Installing Apache server rather than Microsoft IIS

D. Placing the database and the Web server on separate systems

Answer: A

Q2. Brent wants to use the same image on each page of his site, but wants to have a different color in a part of that image from one page to the next. Using an image software editor, he decides to create a master layered image with the changes on their own layer. Which file format would allow Brent to accomplish this task?





Answer: C

Q3. Your site development team has created a Web site, and you want to test its accessibility. Which of the following do you need to conduct the test?

A. A test pool of very unskilled users

B. A test pool of at least five or six typical users

C. A test pool of at least six members of the Web team

D. A test pool of fewer than five moderately skilled users

Answer: B

Q4. What is the primary purpose of navigational elements within a Web site?

A. To organize a list of hyperlinks

B. To make it easy for users to visit other sites

C. To enable user movement throughout the site

D. To make it easy for users to reach the home page

Answer: C

Q5. During a project meeting, Eric explains the need for a development server to host the company's new Web site during development. Eric's IT co-workers want to know who will have access to the development server. What should Eric tell them?

A. The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization as well as the public.

B. The development server will be accessible to the development team and to authorized members of the organization.

C. The development server will be accessible to the public in order to collect public opinion

on the development of the Web site.

D. The development server will be accessible to all members of the organization in order to obtain their suggestions on the development of the Web site.

Answer: B

Q6. You have been asked to create a page that retrieves information from a database. Which of the following is the first step in obtaining information from a database from a Web page?

A. Conduct a database query.

B. Create a connection to the database.

C. Create a recordset to hold the query results.

D. Put the results in a recordset to ensure that the database returns data properly.

Answer: B

Q7. Rosa wants to position a paragraph 100 pixels below the top of the HTML document, and 100 pixels from its left margin. Which styles should she use?

A. top: 100px; left: 100px

B. position: relative; top: 100px; left: 100px

C. position: absolute;top: 100px;left: 100px

D. position: absolute;margin-top: 100px;margin-left: 100px

Answer: C

Q8. While designing a Web site for a customer, you are asked to add several photographic images to one of the pages. Which format would be best suited for this type of image?





Answer: D

Q9. User feedback can be evaluated in many ways. Which of the following methods is more quantitative than direct user feedback, and will provide indirect feedback from the majority of users who do not respond?

A. User surveys

B. Site server logs

C. Online e-mail links

D. Opt-in bulk mail services

Answer: B

Q10. During a project meeting, Anna is explaining the requirements for a development server. Which of the following items should be identical between the development server and the production server?

A. The motherboard chip set

B. The operating system configuration

C. The manufacturer of the hard disk drive

D. The amount of unused space on the hard disk drive

Answer: B

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