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156-915.80 testing bible(7 to 16) for candidates: Jun 2018 Edition

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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Q7. Which of the following items should be configured for the Security Management Server to authenticate using LDAP?

A. Check Point Password

B. WMI object

C. Domain Admin username

D. Windows logon password

Answer: A

Q8. You are MegaCorpu2019s Security Administrator. There are various network objects which must be NATed. Some of them use the Automatic Hide NAT method, while others use the Automatic Static NAT method. What is the rule order if both methods are used together? Give the BEST answer.

A. The Administrator decides the rule order by shifting the corresponding rules up and down.

B. The Static NAT rules have priority over the Hide NAT rules and the NAT on a node has priority over the NAT on a network or an address range.

C. The Hide NAT rules have priority over the Static NAT rules and the NAT on a node has priority over the NAT on a network or an address range.

D. The rule position depends on the time of their creation. The rules created first are placed at the top; rules created later are placed successively below the others.

Answer: B

Q9. What is the officially accepted diagnostic tool for IP Appliance Support?

A. ipsoinfo


C. uag-diag

D. cpinfo

Answer: B

Q10. Which of the following is NOT defined by an Access Role object?

A. Source Network

B. Source Machine

C. Source User

D. Source Server

Answer: D

Q11. Assume you are a Security Administrator for ABCTech. You have allowed authenticated access to users from Mkting_net to Finance_net. But in the useru2019s properties, connections are only permitted within Mkting_net. What is the BEST way to resolve this conflict?

A. Select Ignore Database in the Action Properties window.

B. Permit access to Finance_net.

C. Select Intersect with user database in the Action Properties window.

D. Select Intersect with user database or Ignore Database in the Action Properties window.

Answer: D

Q12. Many companies have defined more than one administrator. To increase security, only one administrator should be able to install a Rule Base on a specific Firewall. How do you configure this?

A. Define a permission profile in SmartDashboard with read/write privileges, but restrict it to all other firewalls by placing them in the Policy Targets field. Then, an administrator with this permission profile cannot install a policy on any Firewall not listed here.

B. Put the one administrator in an Administrator group and configure this group in the specific Firewall

object in Advanced > Permission to Install.

C. In the object General Properties representing the specific Firewall, go to the Software Blades product list and select Firewall. Right-click in the menu, select Administrator to Install to define only this administrator.

D. Right-click on the object representing the specific administrator, and select that Firewall in Policy Targets.

Answer: B

Q13. When deploying multiple clustered firewalls on the same subnet, what does the firewall administrator need to configure to prevent CCP broadcasts being sent to the wrong cluster?

A. Set the fwha_mac_magic_forward parameter in the $CPDIR/boot/modules/ha_boot. conf

B. Set the fwha_mac_magic parameter in the $FWDIR/boot/fwkern.conf file

C. Set the cluster global ID using the command u201ccphaconf cluster_id set <value>u201d

D. Set the cluster global ID using the command u201cfw ctt set cluster_id <value>u201d

Answer: C

Q14. What scenario indicates that SecureXL is enabled?

A. Dynamic objects are available in the Object Explorer

B. SecureXL can be disabled in cpconfig

C. fwaccel commands can be used in clish

D. Only one packet in a stream is seen in a fw monitor packet capture

Answer: C

Q15. Several Security Policies can be used for different installation targets. The Firewall protecting Human Resourcesu2019 servers should have its own Policy Package. These rules must be installed on this machine and not on the Internet Firewall. How can this be accomplished?

A. A Rule Base is always installed on all possible targets. The rules to be installed on a Firewall are defined by the selection in the Rule Base row Install On.

B. When selecting the correct Firewall in each line of the Rule Base row Install On, only this Firewall is shown in the list of possible installation targets after selecting Policy > Install on Target.

C. In the menu of SmartDashboard, go to Policy > Policy Installation Targets and select the correct firewall via Specific Targets.

D. A Rule Base can always be installed on any Check Point Firewall object. It is necessary to select the appropriate target directly after selecting Policy > Install on Target.

Answer: C

Q16. Which command will only show the number of entries in the connection table?

A. fw tab -t connections -s

B. fw tab -t connections -u

C. fw tab -t connections

D. fw tab

Answer: A

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